About the Eye Movement Integration Therapy Specialists

The Eye Movement Integration Therapy Specialists are a group of highly experienced mental health professionals who have come together to collectively champion this enormously effective treatment methodology. The EMIT Specialists provide both direct clinical services (via their independant practices) along with state-of-the-art EMIT training solutions.

Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) is a brief, effective therapy which produces lasting results. EMIT has proven and sustained results treating PTSD, phobias, anxiety, addictions, recent critical incident exposures (CISD), and many other challenging issues – often in a much shorter time frame than more traditional talk therapies. Importantly, once treatment has been completed, follow-up visits are rare.

The EMIT technique can be paired with diverse methods and incorporated into the framework of each individual therapist. The EMIT approach is a “partnership” and encourages the client to use his/her own strengths and personal resources.