Our mission is to provide professional & effective Eye Movement Solutions to a wide range of lifes challenges…

Eye Movement Therapy has been shown to be a highly effective treatment for Trauma, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Addictions, Eating Disorders and many others. The Eye Movement Integration Therapy (EMIT) Specialists are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions and professional clinical training.


I had previously completed EMDR training through another organisation, and felt comfortable with the protocol but did not use the protocol as the training did not provide ongoing support, so you were left on your own with a therapy that if used could do more harm than good.

The EMIT training group provided a safe forum, where you can obtain the theory about EMDR at your own pace and as much practice as you need, also being in a group of like-minded people for a several months/years if you chose to. I have come leaps and bounds from the training and I am at a point where nearly every client I counsel, EMIT plays a component of that session. EMIT allows people to tap into their negative perception of a situation or frozen in time from a trauma and allows the person to process the information filing it away in their brain without the emotion


Family Counsellor

I haver been a trained Chaplain and Counsellor in Aged Care and First Responders for many years, hearing police, ambulance and firefighters  stories of tragedy, sadness, heart-break and disappointment of many kinds. Yet, it was through the study and in-depth training in EMIT, with a former student of Francine Shapiro (founder of EMDR), that I truly found the insight, knowledge, skills and confidence, to recognise trauma, and apply the skills and protocols of EMDR, to meaningful and powerful effect. This has brought great joy and satisfaction to many in their troubles and afflictions, but also to me in my role of service through this helping profession and ministry. I myself present differently and far more confidently, which helps to make me much more approachable by clients, and relaxed in my own personal delivery.

I find now, that some clients that I might previously have thought to be too ‘complex or difficult’ to work with, are now clients I have new skills, knowledge and insights to work meaningfully, and succesfully,  with. I believe that my study of, and in-depth training in EMIT, has helped me to become a far more relaxed, knowledgeable, confident and skilled counsellor. Belonging to a professional EMIT support group, to discuss my work and reflect on new difficulties and challenges, is also now an integral part of my practice.


Clinical Counsellor

My wife had told me our marriage was over, unless I could let go of my past disappointments, traumas and injustices, that had occurred to me during my professional accounting career. I ruminated over them every day, was depressed, and extremely negative in my outlook upon life. Reluctantly I reached out to a counselling friend I respected and trusted. He spoke to me about trauma and how it impacts upon our lives, and the use of EMIT to help treat and move such traumas. I agreed to be involved in such therapy and was blown away by the impact, personal discoveries, interconnectedness of events, and emotional and cognitive change, that flowed from the treatment. My wife noticed a positive difference in me right from the very first session, and while still distrustful of the results lasting, is now one of the best advocates for the treatment with EMIT. She smiles and says; ‘I got my old Peter back, and I love it!’

I myself cannot convey in words, the joy and value I also ascribe to this powerful, positive, and helpful treatment. Yes, EMIT helped save my marriage, and I am extremely grateful!